Pricing & Packages

Maternity (At-home)

Maternity sessions are best held between 32 and 36 weeks, before you are uncomfortable and too close to delivery. We will discuss your vision for your session, your requested props, and pick out the perfect location. Expect to feel completely comfortable and beautiful about your body and the entire experience. There are many artistic ways we can capture this moment and create a piece of art that you will treasure forever.


Birthing (In-hospital)

session fee is only $50 INCLUDES video and 35-50 professionally edited digital images for only $399.

Birth is an emotional and intimate experience that we capture in a tasteful, modest, and non-intrusive way. We capture the important moments, emotions, looks, and feelings parents want captured of their baby’s first moments in the world. We document every type of birth experience – home, hospital, birth center, drug-free, water births, drug-assisted, and  c-sections. 

This is one of the most emotional, memorable days of your life and this is an experience some mothers only get to experience one time. The mothers we have photographed cherish these memories and know that the emotions, the memories, and all the "firsts" are worth documenting. 

All photos and videos are for your eyes only. None of your photos will ever be shared or posted to a web site without your written permission..

Booking your photo session can begin any time after you find out your due date. Toward the end of your pregnancy, you will likely be “checked” at your weekly OB appointments. Most of our clients email an update after each appointment in the last 4 weeks of their pregnancy. When you think you are in labor (even if it ends up as a false alarm) you need to send us an email. You or your partner will email us when you leave for the hospital. Then when you are in active labor, which is usually 5 or 6 CMs, call, text or email us so we can get to the hospital.

We will be there for as long as it takes. But anything over two hours will be an additional $50 per hour. This is a real bargain compared to the $800 to $1200 most birthing photographers charge.

Newborn (In-hospital)

Hello World Package

Your session fee is waived and you will receive 15 to 20 professionally edited digital images + mobile app


Over The Moon Package

Your session fee is waived and you will receive 15 to 20 Professionally edited digital images+ custom keepsake announcement + slideshow


Baby’s first bath video

Add an adorable video of your baby’s first bath. This may be added to the Hello World or Over the Moon package.


Newborn (At-home)

Your session fee is only $50 and you will receive 20 to 25 professionally edited digital images for only $249.

To capture the true essence of a newborn, your session should be scheduled when your baby is 7 to 14 days old. Babies older than 2 weeks are more alert and start to lose that newborn freshness.


We do Lifestyle sessions that take place in your home. They are more informal and are “a day in the life” type of approach. We will shoot in various areas of your home, such as the baby’s nursery, your bed, your backyard, etc. We will also bring along a couple of baskets and use your home furnishings for some posed pictures of your new baby.

You can expect your newborn session to last 1. to 1.5 hours.

You should select a few hats, headbands, outfits, blankets and toys to use during our session. We prefer your baby to sleep the entire time. We will work with them to get them settled, posed and asleep.

There is no worry if you aren’t feeling 100% yet. Throughout the session we will work with your little one, posing, soothing, etc. so you are free to hang out on the couch.

Baby Milestones

session fee is only $50 and you will receive 20 to 25 professionally edited digital images for only $249.

A typical baby milestone session will last between 1 – 1.5 hours.. Within that time we will photograph your baby in 2 or more different sets & outfits. Before your session we’ll talk about what type of wardrobe will work best for the session. 

Instead of scheduling your baby milestone session at a certain age – schedule it at the milestone. Knowing how fast these little ones grow and change, makes it important to schedule in advance. Aside from a newborn session, we recommend having the following milestones photographed: when they are holding up their head unassisted during tummy time, when they are sitting unassisted (one of the best ages to photograph), when they are crawling, when they are standing unassisted, and finally, their very first birthday.